Leather Care & Maintenance

Leather is a substance that is able to maintain it's properties unchanged for countless years. However, it must be taken care of. All leather product requires regular maintenance to ensure their lasting appealing and durability. Leather is a skin which as similar as human skin. It needs cleaning and nourishing periodically, but continual contact with moisture (rain, sweat and urine etc.) can cause rigidity.

Damage Prevention

• Do not place your leather furniture right next to a heating element.
• Avoid exposing your leather furniture to direct sunshine.
• Do not rub the stain, only dabbed it with dry clean absorbent cloth.
• Never use aggressive agent (e.g. detergent, stain remover, turpentine, etc.) on leather.
• Vacuum clean the leather regularly with clean brush.
• Protected from water.
• Leather comes from many parts of the world and at time is treated with various methods, so it is wise to carry out preliminary test. Always test the leather dressing before use on an area such as an inside seam or cuff.


Tips & Solutions


Remove gently with
a clean soft cloth.

Dried on dirt

Use damped soft cloth,
wipe away gently without
rubbing the stain rigorously,
then allow it to dry
then apply special care agent


Dap immediately with a
dry absorbent cloth,
do not rub, follow
the tips for dried on dirt.

Foods & grease

Remove immediately
just like dried on dirt,
in most cases grease marks
will disappear in time.

Wax (polish)

Placing blotting paper on the leather
and applying a cool/moderate iron.
Keep applying the iron on clean blotting paper to the wax spot
until the paper is no longer absorbing the wax.

Scratch marks

Applying a shoe renovating polish
or marker pen