About us

Kimmark (M) Sdn Bhd

specializing in high quality leathers and other services


Kimmark (M) Sdn Bhd is a well established and dynamic organization specializing in high quality leathers and other services. We have incorporated this company since 1989 and have been certified as a member of Malaysia Furniture Industry Council (MFIC).

We are one of the leading company to stock high grade finished leather from all across the world. As our business grow high standard & quality leathers are required to be our first priority.

With over more than 2 decades of experience in global outsourcing, we are able to provide genuine leather ranging from sofas to automotives, making us the exclusive partner to some of the world's leading brand.

Our philosophy & guide is to deal with only the best tanneries with long successful association that will assure us to guarantee the quality of the leathers we sell with strict quality control and at the best value to our customers.


We/Kimmark strived to provide quality services and products that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers. At Kimmark, we look forward to bring the best leather to each and every of our valued customers.

Dedication of improving and enhancing leathers that have been thoroughly tested were implanted in our life. This also represents nothing but the best that the industry can supply in each category. Making us the ultimate choice for all time.

OUR Quality

Leather is what we do best. Thus, Kimmark has the expertise to oversee the quality control systems and make sure they are in full force at all times by the tanneries, hence to ensure that only the finest pieces of leather are produced and marketed. We treat complains fast and it is our first priority to solve it!

OUR Mission

It is utmost important for us to stay put on our mission, which is building long term relationship with our customers and clients. This extends us to provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation & advanced technology.

We are concerned with our organizational integrity and will take all measures to ensure we are a proactive, honorable, trustworthy and responsible company. We will live an "all the way" attitude to ensure our customers and our mission.

Core Values

We treat our customers with full respect and faith

We grow through creativity, invention, innovation and advancement

We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business

We provide quality and premium products, making sure the satisfaction of customers is our first priority

OUR Service

As one of the leading company to stock high grade finished leathers from across the world, our inventory system is one of the most efficient systems in the business. We are able to offer varieties of fine leathers to suit highly specific demands by our clientele.

Kimmark holds substantial stocks of leathers within the warehouse to give customers the convenience of immediate ordering with delivery.

You are always welcome to contact us for any enquiries about leather. We will get back to you as soon as possible and will send samples of the leathers that matches your criteria.